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Monbulk Rural Enterprises is certain to have a Pond Liner to suit your application.

Contact us today and discuss with one of our friendly team your requirements for your project.

Pond Liners

Monbulk Rural Enterprises is certain to have a Pond Liner to suit your application.

We offer High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners.

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This material is very lightweight and
tend to be used for small applications or for pond liners

The Polyethylene (PE) is an unsupported
200um 3 layer co-extruded offering the pond liner to be pliable & flexible
to form to the ponds contours easily.

This is considered a cheaper way of
containing water in smaller or non permanent applications.

Our B&W Panda Film is UV stabilized
with a one year warranty on the material.

Some typical applications are:

Small Pond Liners


Temporary Water Containment

Monbulk Rural Enterprises can also supply
a high quality Butyl Tape for join and waterproofing of our Dam Liner and Pond
Liner materials.

Our Black PE Backed Butyl Tape is a butyl
one side and a UV stabilised black polyethylene on the other, ideal for those
un-foreseen repairs to Dam Liners and Pond Liners. It is also perfect for the
capping over a loose edge of the base material to prevent delamination.

The Double Sided Butyl Tape is weather
resistant and has a waterproof butyl rubber adhesive with a non-woven polyester
cloth carrier. This gives greater stability of the butyl under extreme

Available in standard widths of 25mm and

Custom widths are available upon request
and minimum order quantities apply.