nursery suppliesnursery-suppliesA wide range of fixtures, fittings and tools and growing aids for use in domestic and commercial greenhouse and gardens. We have an extensive range of necessary equipment, hardware and supplies for commercial nursery operations.


Propagation Nursery Growing Aids Nursery Growing Tools

We carry virtually everything that you need to physically support your crops and ensure successful maintenance and growth

We carry plant bamboo stakes, plant soil treatments, fertilsers, plant ties, tree ties, plant clips, vine clips, birdnet clips, thermometers, propagating tools, propagating equipment, heat control mats, seedling trays, cell trays, Mini tunnel house covers or Clear top plant cell tray covers, nursery scoops, nursery jugs, nursery benches, nursery trolleys, growing aids, growth starters, gardening gloves, gardening tools, watering systems, sprayers, pumps, water tanks, storage solutions

We have stock of Hoop Tape, also known as frame tape or felt tape to help protect your greenhouse plastic

Hoop Frame Tape, Frame Guarding Tape, Hot Spot Tape, Felt Tape  available in 30m rolls and cartons of 20 rolls.

hoop felt tape

Hoop Felt Tape

19mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

25mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

30mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

35mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

40mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

50mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

60mm wide


Hoop Felt Tape

70mm wide

 Aluminium Soil Scoops come in large, medium and small and help growers avoid soil contamination

Bamboo Stakes are held in stock in various length; thickness & Bale sizes & colour

Bulk orders can be placed in advance to ensure supply and cost savings 

Natural Bamboo Stake Sizes  

(Limited stock sizes available for Green Dyed Bamboo stakes)

  • 450mm (1.5 inch)
  • 600mm (2 inch)
  • 750mm (2.5 inch)
  • 900mm (3 inch)
  • 1200mm (4 inch)
  • 1500mm (5 inch)
  • 1800mm (6 inch)

Contact our office today for further details on sizes, bale qty, availability and pricing

Bamboo Flower Sticks - Available in Green-Dyed ONLY - Bale5000

Avail Lengths

  • 300mm (1 inch)
  • 350mm (1.1/4 inch)
  • 450mm (1.5 inch)

Progagation gloves are available in Ninja & Redhog brands that provide good sensory feel whilst wearing gloves for potting planting propagation nursery work

We also stock a range of other gloves including

  • Welding
  • Rigger Gloves


Nursery snips, pruning secateurs are an essential tool for the nurseries, plant growers, for pruning trees, triming foliage and flower cutting

We stock a wide range of garden pruners, pruning secateurs and pruning snips

We are stockist of Felco secateurs, ARS pruners, Chikamasa snips, as well as Ryset pruners and secateurs to suit all growers needs, hand size and left and right hand styles

Secateurs used for flower, fruit and foliage with aluminium handle frames. Removable cut and hold feature, stainless steel blades, PVC secateur handle grips, roll handles





Our Label range consists of various types and styles of labels

Display Stakes (Green)
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large (Also available in Yellow)
  • 35cm Blackboard finish
  • 45cm Blackboard finish
Display Cards (White)
  • 35cm Blackboard finish
  • 45 cm Blackboard finish
Hard Spike Labels
  • 85mm White Bx600
  • 140mm White Bx400
Softlok Labels
  • 100mm Softlok Labels available in perforated Rolls of 1000
Aluminium Plant Tags
  • 100mm - Available in various pack sizes
Soft Spike Label
  • 100mm White - Available in various pack sizes





We stock a small range of sprayers, including hand held and back pack

Various sizes available in manual sprayers

Backpack Sprayers manual & electric

We stock various types of rooting hormones gels & powders.

Available in 1Litre, 5Litre, 500g & 1kg as well as bulk sizes upon request

Clonex gel is available in;

Purple - General purpose cutting gel

Green - Softwood cutting gel

Red - Hardwood cutting gel

IBA Powder Rooting Powder is available in;

1000ppm - Softwood cutting powder

3000ppm - General purpose cutting powder

5000ppm - Hardwood cutting powder

WaterBreakerDrammHoseFittings WateringWand AluminiumDRAMMHoseFittings NurseryHosePremium19mm
Horticultural nursery watering hose, watering fittings available in heavy duty premium quality
We stock a wide variety of DRAMM Water Breakers in various hole sizes, plastic & aluminium
Garden Hose in 19mm & 12mm
Watering Arms in Aluminium
Contact us for further details


We stock and can supply a range of Organic Fertilisers for cropping, pasture, orchards & vineyards
Fertilisers are available in Pallet, granular and liquid forms
Organic fertilisers are available in 5L, 20L drums and 25kg & 30kg lots as well as bulka bags or pallet lots
Special blends are availbable upon requests and subject to availability


Flower Mesh is available in Plastic & Steel to assist flower growers with supporting crop

Plastic Flower Mesh is available in various widths

1m, 1.02m, 1.2m, 1.25m & 2m widths to suit row crops & various square sizes from 6 squares up to 13 square hole sizes

Plastic Flower Mesh is sold in 1000m rolls

Steel Flower Mesh is available in various widths

900mm with 6 squares

1200mm with 8 squares

Steel Flower Mesh is sold in 200m rolls

We also stock plastic Flower stake clips & stainless steel Flower Stake Clips  to suit 12mm & 16mm OD Tubular Flower Stakes

We also manufacturer Flower stakes & Flower Wires made to order upon request

Propagating measuring jugs for measuring chemicals, fertilisers and general purpose

Grafting Tools are used to create a neat cut to root stock ready for grafting process

We also carry Grafting Tapes in embossed in rolls & box lots

Available in various heights & step configurations

Available only upon request

HeatmatPropagation  PropagationHeatmatThermostat  HeatPadFlexiblePropagation  PropagationCellTrayClearTopMiniGreenhouseCover

Product Description

Heatwave Panels promote soil temperatures that stimulate plant propagation. Heatwave Panels provide commercial or hobby growers with an efficient control of root temperature in young plants, whilst maintaining a microclimate of up to 45cm above the bed. The watt density is designed that the bottom heat will maintain a consistent temperature even on very cold nights. Heatwave Panels can be used on benches, and the system is simple to install and requires no specialist knowledge, just an electrical outlet, some polystyrene which we also stock.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Laminated element between heavy aluminium foil with poly backing
  • Safe to use
  • Excellent seed germination with achievement of high strike rates
  • Vigorous root development for cuttings and potted plants
  • Approx. output of 150 watts per square metre, with 240 volt input
  • Low operating costs
  • Factory fitted thermostat controller (optional digital thermostat also available)
  • Provides evenly distributed bottom heat, heating throughout foil surface and growing medium uniformly
  • Panels sizes available in 0.9m wide and standard widths of:
  • 2.0m, 3.0m, 4.0m, 5.0m and 6.0m long
  • Custom sizes available on request




We also stock Flexible Heatmat panels, which run on an ambient heat of approx 2 degress higher than room temperature and available in various sizes

We also stock Heat n Grow Trays with a Propagating Cell Tray & Propagating "Clear Top" Mini Greenhouse Cover


Used in horticulture in conjunction with hydroponics and potting mixes

Growing mediums Perlite & Vermiculite come in 100Litres bags

Available in fine medium & coarse


We stock Grafting mastic & tree cutting sealants to assist with treating wounds on plant stock

Available in various sizes


We stock Polystyrene sheets for use in propagation heating systems

Available in 2.4m x 1.2m sheet sizes

PlantClipCClipBambooClip PlantTieInterlockingChain PlantTieInterlockRubber PlantTieJuteWebbing PlantTiePlasticWebbing

Plant clips & Plant Ties are available in all shapes & sizes

Plant Clips & Plant Tree Ties are used to support plant growth when using Bamboo Stakes, Timber Stakes or on Wire Trellis supports.

We stock a variety of Plant clips & Plant Ties, Tree Supports including;

Interlocking Tree Plant Chain Heavy Duty support chain

Jute Tree Plant support webbing

Plastic Tree Plant support webbing

Trellis Tree Plant support steel/nylon wire Rubber Ties

Plant Clip "C" Shape in 16mm plant clip, 20mm plant clip & 25mm plant clip

Shadecloth Clips for shading of plants & crops

Birdnet Netting Vine Birdtex Clips for netting structures

Easi-Ties Rubber Tree Plant Ties in various sizes & lengths

Nylon Cable Ties Plant Ties in various sizes in Natural and black UV stabilised

Rubber Tree Support Ties in various sizes

Jolly Tree Tie woven material stretchy wrap

Klipon Vine Ties for trellis wine grape support in vineyards

Vine Netting Bread clip fixing

We stock a variety of Nursery Guages including
Plant Control Thermometers
Maxiumum Minimum Thermometers digital
Rain Guages
Soil Probes Thermometers
We can source other types of plant growing guages, soil probes and thermometer

We manufacturer Rose Ring Supports, including Rose Ring, Rose Stem Support & Rose Stem Ground Peg

Rose Stem Support lengths available in 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m lengths are made from 1.6g Gal Tube Steel

Rose Rings are made from 16mm OD Gal Tube Steel

Rose Stem Support Ground Pegs are made from 25NB Pipe

We stock 20Litre drums of Glyphosate for the control & maintenance of Weeds in Nurseries

Product Description

Whitewash shading Paint for Greenhouse heat control products are available in various range of wear resistant whitewash coating options to suit your needs.

Ability to manage your crop and protect against excess heat radiation conditions

Whitewash is a calcium carbonate (lime) based product which can be sprayed over your greenhouse

Whitewash shading paint provides a thin white layer absorbs and reflects some parts of the solar radiation

Available in liquid or powder form

We stock various brands including, La Blanche, ReduSol, Eclipse LD and whitewash remove systems as well

We can provide you with technical information regarding coverage dilution rates dependant on the type of crop protection you require




We stock a variety of Cell Propagation Trays and propagation growing pots


Jiffy Propagating Trays

40mm x 50mm & 50mm x 50mm

Kwik-Pot Cell Propagating Trays

42, 56, 64 & 100 Cell trays

Oasis Horticulture cubes

Small & Large

We stock a variety of Pest Vermin control products.


Rat Bait in Bulk lots

Mice Traps - Wooden

D-Ter Animal & Bird Repellant that is natural and non-harmful to animals

Weed kill control - Glyphosate 20Litre Drums

Tapenener Guns are used by growers to tie plants whilst they are being established to bamboo stake to provide plant support and maintain straighter plant growth

We stock Tapenener Guns in the MAX & Sono Brand

Tapenener Tape including MAX & Bovi Brand - Available in 15um & 25um

Tapenener Gun spare parts including push, pull units, blades

Tapenener Gun staples

We are proud to be a preferred distributor for Polymaster© Rainwater Tanks
Polymaster© are manufacturers of industry endorsed, product certified designs that have advanced the lifespan and functional capabilities of tanks and associated products for bulk storage and animal care products
We can arrange for supply & deliver of all tank sizes
Contact our office today for further information
Budding Knives are available in various styles
The knives should have an edge of hard steel that will keep sharp for a long time
The grafting knife has a straight edge
The budding knife has a curved edge and a blunt end for opening the bark and inserting the bud
A double bladed budding knife is used for patch-budding

Nursery Benches & Shelving

We have a standard range of many different benches all made from galvanised steel. We also design and build benches, stands, shelves and trolley

Custom made benches, trolleys and handling equipment made to order

Contact one of our friendly staff for further information

Nursery & Display Benches

Nursery and Display Benches are fabricated in house with galvanised square hollow steel tube to withstand most nursery conditions.

Custom Sizes On All These Items Are Also Available Upon Request

Quantity discounts apply

Contact one of our friendly staff for further information

Nursery Trolleys & Barrows

Nursery Trolley range is fabricated in house with tough conditions in mind. Made from heavy gauge steel and then hot dip galvanised Monbulk Rural Enterprises’ Nursery Trolleys will withstand most weather conditions.

Quantity discounts apply

Contact one of our friendly staff for further information

Tray Size (approx.): 930mm x 490mm

Tray Size (approx.): 1800mm x 610mm (6 Nursery Trays)

Tray Size (approx.): 1800mm x 610mm (6 Nursery Trays)

Trolley spare parts available including

  • Pneumatic Wheels with Steel Hub
  •         Puncture Proof Tyres
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Trolley Tyre 
  • Trolley Tube 
  • Trolley Handle Grip
  • Trolley fixed castors 
  • Trolley swivel castors
  • Trolley castor spindle

European Plant Trolleys features

1 Base with Swivel Castors & brakes

3 plastic shelves

4 Uprights

Additional shelves can be purchased