Sawtooth Greenhouses

Monbulk Rurals’ Sawtooth Greenhouse Structures combine optimal ventilation with special strength for withstanding different loads. The roof ventilation alone provides 25% of the total ventilation of the covered area, in addition to the side ventilation. The shape of the arches allows excellent light transmission. Various standard widths and wall heights focuses on flexibility and the practical use of growing space and conditions. Monbulk Rural Enterprises can adapt to each project, focusing on client needs and budget. When open the sawtooth vent allows a continuous airflow to reduce the inside temperature or can be closed to optimise the climate control of the growing area




Standard Widths 6.5m Wide Span - Welded Sawtooth Hoop Truss Design
8.5m Wide Span - Welded Sawtooth Hoop Truss Design
10.0m Wide Span - Welded Sawtooth Hoop Truss Design
Benefits Simple yet strong design
Large easy to walk in gutters with unique safety rails
High roof sawtooth opening for natural ventilation
Structure suitable for cold and warm climates
Proven ventilation technology with structural integrity
Standard Features   Standard under gutter post heights over 2.7m available
Optional under gutter post heights over 3.0m available
Standard post spacing of 2.133m (7ft) and optional post spacing of 2.0m
Factory welded prefabricated arch truss or bolted web truss designs
Anti Hot Spot Tape-Hoop Felt Tape
Gutters to both sides with Rain Boxes
Suitable for polyethylene greenhouse plastic
Technical Details Standard gable widths - 6.5m-8.5-10.0m
Standard under gutter height - 2.1m to 3.m
Opening of Roof Vent - up to 1.5m
Web bracing load - up to 25 Kg/m²
Wind load - up to 120-135 Km/h
All steel coated with a electrogalvanized zinc coating and clear polymer protective coating
Optional Features Single or Double Sliding Doors
Roll Up Roof Ventilation Curtains– Manual or Electric
Roll Up Side Ventilation Curtains– Manual or Electric
Ground cover materials such as Weedmat, Black/White Panda Film and Black Film
HAF Circulation Fans, Quarantine Mesh Screens