Tunnel House or Polytunnel, Polyhouse Kits are available in 5 various widths 2.7m

Specifications and features

The ‘Complete Frame Kit’ consists of square galvanised steel tube, with either treated pine or steel base boards and door frames, includes necessary fasteners and Hortiweave® or Polyguard® (Solarweave®) door flap to each end

The ‘Cover’ can either be, an Anti Drip or Thermal Rose ‘HORTICRAFT’ Greenhouse Plastic Film

The hoops are spaced at 2.133 (7ft) creating a well-structured frame for the ‘HORTICRAFT’ Greenhouse Plastic Film

Felt/Hoop tape is included in the ‘Complete Frame Kit’

For ease of transport, the hoop can be split at NO additional cost; this can lower freight costs considerably

These kits can be transported in a tandem trailer, or a vehicle that will carry 5.4m lengths of steel and timber

Bird Net, Hortiweave® or Polyguard® (Solarweave®) or premium Shadecloth ‘Cover’ options are also available

At an extra charge optional accessories such as Sliding Doors Kits, Vents, and Roll-up Side Wall ventilation Curtains can be chosen to enhance the growing conditions

Assembly instructions are included

Benches and other accessories available on request.

Installation is available upon request at an additional charge. Location restrictions apply.

All prices a subject to freight or delivery charges, and vary depending on Tunnel House, Polytunnel and Polyhouse Kit size.

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