We specialise in Custom Covers which can be sewn, welded or cut to your preferred size. These are available in various types of material to match your growing requirements. We can provide growers with options for optimising growing conditions required within a greenhouse, shadehouse or agricultural shelter.

Greenhouse plastic is available in various widths and can be cut to lengths. Our HORTICRAFT® brand of greenhouse plastic film is unique to Monbulk Rural Enterprises drawing from the vast experience of our single source supplier, Plastika Kritis. Using their technology to develop Greenhouse Plastic Film for Australian conditions and with the growers in mind. HORTICRAFT® Greenhouse Plastic Film is up to 40% stronger than most other films on the market in Australia

A full range of premium Shadecloth in a range of percentages %, blockout and light control as well as a wide range of colours are available to optimise growing conditions in a greenhouse, shadehouse depending on your crop and location. These are available in various widths which can be sewn together to form a permanent roof cover or a throw over cover as well as for wall coverage on greenhouse and shadehouse or flat top structures

Light weight white shade monofilament material Handyscreen© to replace the need for spraying whitewash to protect your crop from the harsh effects of the sun causing burn and assisting with heat reduction in greenhouses. These are designed to be a thrown over cover with Rope Ends with easy removal at end of summer season and available in 50% & 70% UV blockout

Hortiweave or Polyguard® Covers can be welded together to your custom size providing excellent strength and toughness versus weight. It has good puncture and impact resistance and very good weldability and weld strength. It also has excellent chemical resistance to most chemicals and is made from 100% recyclable. Monbulk Rural Enterprises’ Hortiweave has nominal mass of 185gsm and is manufactured from a high density polyethylene base/scrim polyfabric and a low density polyethylene coating to both sides

Canvacon© or Tarpee© Covers can be welded together to your custom size

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