Weedmat Premium Heavy Duty 105gsm Weed Control


Key Benefits

  • Made from UV Stabilised PP tapes that won’t rot or absorb moisture
  • Allows soil to breath which combats fungal growth
  • Allows essential nutrients in, reducing the likelihood of the soil going sour
  • Promotes healthier plants and a cleaner growing area
  • Reduces the need to use harmful herbicides
  • Longer life than other weedmat materials
  • Available in 0.915m, 1.83m, 3.66m and 5.0m widths and as 100m roll lengths
  • NOW available in 1.25m wide weedmat for better weed control in 100m roll lengths
  • Longer roll lengths available upon request
  • 100% recyclable

Product Profile


Technical Data


Woven UV Stabilised Polypropylene


Black with Green Stripes 


79 x 39 ends/10cm

Fabric Weight


Wide Strip Tensile Strength

23/16 kN/m (AS3706.2)

CBR Burst 

2.5 kN (AS3706.4) 

Trapzoidal Tear

337/333 N (AS3706.3)

Flow Rate (Under 100mm Head)

17 l/m²/s (AS3706.9)

Pore Size (EOS-0.95)

150µm (AS3706.7)

UV Resistance

> 95% after 500hrs (AS3706.11)