Handyscreen® Light Weight Shadescreen

Handyscreen® is a light weight knitted polymer fabric, designed for covering plastic film hot houses an green houses and other ultra-light duty shade applications. It is a reuseable cover, capable of lasting many years and is more convenient to use that other shading options such as whitewash which is messy, difficult to apply evenly, and easily rubs off after rain, requiring regular re-application.


- High density polyethylene (HDPE) UV stablised

- Tape Yarn

- Lock-stitch knitted

- White


- Eliminates the need for painting hot houses or green houses to reduce heat

- Available in two shade factors, light (50%) and medium (70%), providing growers with a choice most suitable for their particular production requirements

- Promotes even light distribution, enhances growth

- Open Knit construction offers an optimum blend of shade and photosynthetically active light

- Protection from damaging UV rays

- Wind and Hai protection for Poly Cover Greenhouse plastic

- Easily installed

- Re-Usable over and over again

- Extra insulation for heated tunnel houses

 *Note contact with chemicals and/or pesticides that contain sulphur, halogens or highly acidic substances may reduce the service life of the fabric

 *Photo is not to scale


Cover Factor

Shade Factor  Av. % Transmis. Av. PAR Transmis. % UV Block
Handyscreen Shade Cover 3.66m 61.0 43.9% 56.1% 62.4% 60.2%
  3.66m 80.3 55.4% 44.6% 52.8% 76.9%