HORTICRAFT® Greenhouse Plastic Film & Polycovers MEDIUM DIFFUSION

Medium Diffusion Anti Drip UV Plastic Film (150µm & 180µm)

3.75m wide 150µm AD P3-UV2994AD-375 ‘HORTICRAFT®’ Anti-Drip Greenhouse Plastic Film contains a special additive which reduces the effect of individual droplets dripping onto plants and foliage instead turning them into a continuous thin layer of water that runs down the sides of the greenhouse roof and walls.

There is NO warranty on the long-term effect of the anti-drip, as it reduces it’s effectiveness over time.
4.75m wide 150µm AD P3-UV2994AD-475
7.5m wide 150µm AD P3-UV2994AD-75
7.5m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-75
8.5m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-85
9.0m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-9
9.5m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-95
10.0m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-10
11.0m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-11
11.5m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-115
13.0m wide 180µm AD P4-UV2994AD-13