HORTICRAFT® brand of greenhouse plastic film is unique to Monbulk Rural Enterprises, drawing from the vast experience of our single source supplier, Plastika Kritis®. Using their technology to develop HORTICRAFT® Greenhouse Plastic Film for Australian conditions and with the growers in mind. HORTICRAFT® Greenhouse Plastic Film is up to 40% stronger than most other films on the market in Australia

Our industry experience and the experience of our supplier has learnt that it is necessary to add to the polymer mass a UV-stabilisers, there is a fine line of strength versus safe guarding against damaging sun-radiation. Our HORTICRAFT® greenhouse plastic films contain 15-30% more UV stabilisers than films of other suppliers and this is one reason why our customers say our films last longer than we prescribe

Another important feature of HORTICRAFT® greenhouse plastic films is the special anti-oxidant package that protects the films during production, storage and exposure on the greenhouse, especially at the points of contact with the structure

A question often raised, is the effect of thickness on the duration of the film. Experience shows that a minimum thickness is certainly needed, however the most important factor for long duration is not the thickness but the kind and amount of UV stabilisers. Thickness also adds to the weight when installing and does not always equate to stronger

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