Horticultural Polyethylene & Polypropylene materials are used for many applications due to their durability and strength.

They can be used in many applications including coverings for greenhouse walls, roofs and doors & vents.

Materials including Horticraft® Hortiweave, which is a LDPE laminated Polyfabric, Solarweave®, Canavacon® & Tarpee®, Vinyl materials have excellent welding characteristics to ensure strong watertight seams and are suitable for hot air and hot wedge welding. They are durable, long lasting barriers against moisture and available in various widths, grades, standard and colours.

Horticraft® Hortiweave, Solarweave®, Canavacon® & Tarpee® can also be welded to made to order covers

Available in various widths with both 50m, 100m & Jumbo rolls available

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