Commercial grade Australasian monofilament shadecloth. A wide variety of colours, percentages, fixing & attachment accessories. Accurate and consistent shading levels critical to successful growing. We also stock light weight materials for temporary shade cover that can be thrown over greenhouses during summer months as a UV burn and heat reduction screen shade material

* Covers made to order in white, black, beige, green and many other colours

* Available in various blockout transmission percentage 

Handyscreen® is designed for installation over Tunnel Houses to reduce stress on plants by lowering temperatures within the Tunnel House, in addition to protecting the polyethylene skin or Greenhouse plastic from UV degradation. Handyscreen® eliminates the need for painting or whitewash of greenhouses and promotes even light distribution to encourage and enhance plant growth. Handyscreen® can easily be removed and stored for use the following season.

*Available in White only

*Manufactured in two densities so that the grower can select the most suitable shading for their particular production cropping requirements.

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