Monbulk Rural is one of the largest stockists' of bird net, we stock throw/drape over bird netting (vine net) used in the wine vigneron industry and reinforced bird net, designed for broad acre bird net structures

We supply bird net nationally to wholesale and retail nursery outlets, as well as vegetable, fruit, flower, hydroponic growers, and the wine industry

We stock a variety of High quality, UV protected polyethylene commercial grade structural bird net & throw or drape over bird netting (vine net) designed to assist in the protection of damage to valuable crops

We also stock a variety of bird netting, vigneron birdnet accessories

Bird netting available cut to length or in full rolls/bales of bird net

Quick calculation service, to determine to width and length of throw or drape over bird netting (vine net) for your vineyard

Monbulk Rural can arrange a site appraisal and quote to erect a bird netting structure using our high quality bird net. Also see our Greenhouse & Accessories section for further information on Bird netting and Bird proofing structures

Contact one of our friendly staff for further information