Skid Shelter

These Skid Shelters allow you to move the shade to your animals or provide protection from the elements for your assets.

The Skid Shelter can be moved easily by using a snatch strap (tow strap) on the tow point of the vehicle illustrated in our easy to understand DIY instructions which will be provided at purchase of our Skid Shelter, and can be done with one person.

The Skid Shelter is designed to travel over ground with ease and can be pinned into position with the use of the peg mounts located on the bottom of the shelter, then driving a star picket through the peg mounts will ensure your structure is secured.

Some ideas for the Skid Shelter are….

  • Mobile shade for sheep
  • Cover for storage of cars or boats
  • Multipurpose temporary covering Skid Shelter

Our standard sizes are….

4mt(W) x 5mt(L) x 2.5mt(H)

6mt(W) x 7.5mt(L) x 3.0mt(H)

Custom sizes are available on request.